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Your Reliable Partners In Preventing Contamination Around You By Supplying Pocket Tissue, Facial Tissue Napkins, Washable Napkin, Facial Wet Napkins And More...

An Introduction

In this stressful life, hygiene factor has become essential part of people's lives. Picking up bacteria and other germs is easy, especially in the work environment where one has to deal with several common things such as common telephones, keyboards, door handles and other systems that transmit germs and cause various diseases like common cold, flu, skin allergy, etc. In order to prevent such diseases, the most preferred way to maintain hygienic factor by using soap and water. However, the use of water and other products is not possible every time. Here, we, Globe Flower Tissue Products, come into limelight to offer people Tissue Papers, Facial Tissue Napkins, Washable Napkins, Facial Wet Napkins, etc. that help in preventing contamination. Apart from all these, we also offer our customers other housekeeping products like Aluminum Foil, Toilet Roll, HRT Roll, Kitchen Rolls, etc. By offering these many products of higher quality, we, as a manufacturer and trader, are able to fulfill all the demands of our customers to enhance their style of living and minimizing the risk of diseases around them.

Quality Factor - Enhanced Drying Speed

The quality factor is the most essential factor of any products that often turn tables. One of the factor that really matters when quality of tissue paper and facial wet wipes is taken into consideration is the 'drying effect'. As per a research, most people spend less than seven seconds to dry their hands that does not results in effective and proper cleaning of bacteria and germs from hands. Taking this aspect into consideration, absorption speed of tissue napkins should be fast so that people can quickly dry their hands and get back to their work within no time. At our company, we work to achieve the best of it. Therefore, our array of tissue papers is made of more ply in comparison to the conventional tissues. For this reason, our products have helped us achieve ISO 9001:2018 accreditation. Bulletined below are the reasons why people prefer our customers:
  • Quick and effective drying.
  • Convenient to carry anywhere in bag.
  • Economically feasible prices.
  • Disposable, throw after each use.
  • Prevent spreading of diseases.
Why Us?

We give our clients not a single but several reasons to associate with us of which some are on-time deliveries and fulfillment of urgent requirements. Moreover, we are financially stable to conduct several research programs and our financial stability can be observed through our last year's annual turnover of whopping amount of INR 5 Crores.

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